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Our Story

Laveda is a journey that started with the search for a pure wholesome glass of cow’s milk, like the milk we relished when we were growing up.  Our yearning led us to produce our own milk which is pure, hygienic, wholesome, nutritious, chemical and preservative-free.

We believe in everything pure and natural. What sets us apart is our approach and outlook towards what we do.  Laveda farms are designed for healthy happy cows to eat, relax, and enjoy  in a chemical and violence free environment.

As a farmer-owned dairy company, we control the journey of milk from our cows to you, securing the safety, quality and freshness of the milk in its most natural form. We ensure that every drop of our milk is packed with all of its natural goodness and delivered from our farm to your home.

How we work


Pure Cow Milk

Fresh Raw Non homogenized milk.

Rs. 60 per litre

Pure Cow Ghee

Prepared using traditional method by making yoghurt and churning it to make rich tasty ghee.

Rs 500/500 ml

Ask us

Laveda Milk is safe, natural, wholesome and fresh. It gives you and your family the rich, essential nutrition like vitamins B1, B2, B12 and A and It’s  milk is naturally low in GI and is loaded with plenty of the good stuff like more protein (to help build and repair muscles) and more calcium to help develop strong, healthy bones.

Nothing is added and nothing is subtracted from our milk. Our cows are not given any chemicals, hormones, or anything un-natural. Our milk is taken from cows, chilled, packed raw or pasteurised at ideal temperatures and delivered in temperature controlled boxes.

Laveda farms are located in Tikli & Gurgaon in Haryana.

We are a 100% integrated dairy – We manage the whole process from production of fodder to the delivery of the milk to your door-step every day. We do not buy milk from other places.

Everything we supply is only produced at our farm.


We would be more than delighted to give you a tour of the farm.  Click here to book a tour.

Our cows are Holstein Friesian (HF) cows. These are the same breed of cows that are used in US and Europe for milking.

Our cows are well fed and are regularly checked by a vet. The fodder contains pulp, seeds, grains, greens and vegetables with NO artificial fertilizers or herbicides and adheres to additional standards of sustainability.

We cultivate green fodder for our cows on our farm. Only grains like wheat are procured from outside as we cannot cultivate them. Hence, we cannot claim our milk to be organic but what we can assure you is that it is as close to being organic as humanly possible. Laveda milk is fresh milk without any preservatives or additives, not even a drop of water.

Laveda milk is available both Raw and Pasteurised. It is not homogenized and has no additives. 


Laveda Raw milk is available fresh, chilled and packed. 

Laveda pasteurised milk is pasteurised at ideal temperatures to kill pathogenic bacteria, yet maintain the freshness and wholesomeness of the milk .

Milk contains 2 types of proteins, namely A1 beta casein & A2 beta casein. Normally, cows contain a combination of A1/ A2 type protein in their milk. There is a very subtle difference between the 2 proteins. It is difficult to establish whether it is A1 or A2 milk, as we don’t have A1/A2 certification available in India, but most milk cattle have both A1 & A2.

A myth that is spread among cow milk drinkers is that A2 milk comes only from Indian cows and that is better than milk that contains A1 protein.


In reality there is no decisive proof that A2 milk is better than A1 type milk. Yes, A2 milk could be easier for some people to digest. It is also false that A2 milk comes only from Indian breed of cows as A2 type protein can be found in exotic cows like HF cows, that carry the A2 type gene.

We don’t do multiple variants of milk. We sell whole milk where the fat content is approx. 4 % which is lighter than toned milk available in the market. Almost 40% fat can be removed in the form of cream/ malai when the milk is boiled.

As a child, our pure cow’s milk may have been yellow in colour. Yellow colour in milk is mainly due to presence of carotenoid which is a colouring pigment called Beta-carotene (a precursor of vitamin-A), which is high in some breeds. Presence of less yellow tinge is nothing to worry about. It is due to the fresh seasonal diet fed to the cows. After boiling and refrigerating the milk, you will notice that the cream/malai is slightly yellow.

Rarely! Our cows are like family members to us. If one of our cows falls ill, the best treatment is provided to ensure the best possible outcome. We only treat cows that are ill with antibiotics if recommended by a veterinarian.

Never! We don’t inject our cows with any hormones whether for increased milk production or growth.

The milk available in the market has certain percentage of skimmed milk therefore the curd set is very thick. As Laveda milk is 100% farm fresh, so there are natural solids, not fat in the milk, thus the curd may not be very thick .

Nevertheless, boil the Laveda milk and cool it and then set the curd. We assure you that within few hours you will get delicious, nutritious and set curd.

Laveda milk is packed in LDPE pouches which can be recycled. You can collect the used pouches and hand over weekly to the delivery person for proper recycling.

Laveda milk comes in ½ litre pouches which are single use, recyclable LDPE.

We have multiple delivery windows. However, they are not same for all routes. In general it is 6 to 10A.M.  At Laveda we are always happy to accommodate your timing request to ensure wholesome, nutritious milk reaches you timely and safely.

Laveda has its own trained delivery team owning vans and motorcycles. The milk is packed in temperature controlled boxes at the farm to keep it at around 4 degree C.

Laveda  milk is available at Rs 60 /- litre & and Laveda Ghee is available at Rs 500/- for 500 ml 

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Yes, You can change your milk requirement.

We request that the Laveda team is  informed a day in advance, both to stop supply for a given period and/or to get additional milk.

If we have surplus milk we will definitely accommodate your needs.

  • Pure Milk – we DO NOT  collect milk from other producers. We only sell what we produce at our farms.
  • No Mixing. Only cow milk! No milk from goats, buffaloes or camels or any other animals.
  • We take care of our cows like our own family members. They are not left to roam around on the streets and eat trash or get abused.
  • Quality products. After all the milk is produced from what cows eat. We feed them the best possible and a healthy, nutritious diet.
  • No Adulteration in Laveda milk-No chemicals, No hormones, No pesticides, No preservatives.
  • No cruelty to animals  on our farms.
  • Environmentally conscious. We actually produce our own electricity and manure.
  • No processing except chilling the milk and packing.
  • Temperature controlled distribution. We ensure to maintain milk at 4 Degree C.
  • No processing. Raw milk is chilled and packed. Pasteurisation is at ideal recommended temperature to maintain freshness.


  • Have been a customer over the last couple of years and am happy with the consistent quality of milk and personal touch to their service.

    ---- Savita
  • I was not fond of milk but i just love the taste of laveda milk... also loves the thick cream after boiling the milk.

    ---- Pooja Gupta Mahajan
  • Received my samples today morning and voilaa!!! It tastes delicious . .

    ---- Achita Goswami
  • 'Golden Turmeric Shots' with Laveda, Organic Cow Milk.

    ---- Hungry Nomads
  • Dahi (Curd) from LaVeda milk with Jaggery. The age old favorite recipe.

    ---- Uttama Bhatt
  • I tried la Veda cow milk and loved it’s consistency and creaminess. I drank this without adding any flavour enhancing powder or drink. It made remember my childhood days when I used to have milk without any sugar and flavour enhancer. Will definitely recommend to everyone. This milk tasted super yum with Saffron of high quality as strand doesn’t leave colour when added to milk and it enhances beauty to dessert - saffron phirni which turned out pretty well. Grateful to them who made my dessert super tasty. My bowl of desserts.

    ---- Tanya Prateek Srivastava

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